Purchase Chen Zhonghua Personal Training Video Package 1

by Shopmaster on 2022/01/11

Master Chen Zhonghua's Personal Training video record. These video are not instructional. There will be no explanations, narrations or any other information. Purchase them if you want to see how Master Chen Zhonghua trains on his own.

Please note the following:
This type of video packages are categorized videos that might also be otherwise published on this website. They are put in packages for the conveniences of students. They might appears in more than one location. So there is a possibility that your package might contain videos you have purchased.
As these packages are prized significantly lower than normal videos, we will not refund you for duplicate videos. Please purchase the packages at your discretion.

Purchase Chen Zhonghua Personal Training Video Package 1
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This package includes the following 2 videos:
  "Chen Zhonghua Yilu Training 20211209" Online Video
  "Chen Zhonghua Personal Training 20211209" Online Video

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