Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 23rd and 24th Sept 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/09/26

Three iron hat. Head(fixed), shoulder/waist/kua(can be flexible), knee. Make sure the power is not leaked out. Big inside moves, outside is locked, so the power is contained, compressed and trapped, and it goes back to the floor. Move with pressure is the training.
Kua and elbow. When the kua is indented/short, we tend to overdo the elbow(too straight). The buttock should be hidden under by filling the kua.

My correction. Fist draping over body. Dantian need bite to the kua, so power is transferred through femur to knee to foot to floor. When I was doing this move, I had one of my foot against the bed and the other against a chair, and I did feel my legs were so locked and I can only stretch my kua to rotate the dantian.

How to make progress faster? How to be in line with Master Chen’s way of thinking? Human and pig, that identical feather makes us different, which has to be the same in PM. 1.emotional, personal, faith. More important. 2. understanding is technically correct. Takes time. Make that mental connection, it is the lead of the fishing net. Otherwise there is no action/content, it is fake. When watch Master’s moves, copy it so many times until once you get it, then you have to repeat that feeling to solidify. Through hard practice, finally it clicks. Then Master and me can merge.
Six sealing four closing. The lead is in dantian. Belly big, global, when it is global, the move is simple(only one move with perfect coordination). Rotate, blow up the stomach, rounder, circle. Physically copy it, the shape and movements. Kua open- belly bigger. Open inside the crotch, crotch to the opposite shoulder, knee will go down. With the center locked, kua hits the shoulder to have the shoulder-kua line, then knee can go up and down. Two ways of training: 1. vertical based(kua hit the elbow), horizontal adjust(hands);2.horizontal based, vertical adjust(what we have been practiced more). One is the focus one is the support, complement each other. Kua pushes elbow or elbow pulls the kua, once the relationship is established, it doesn’t matter which way you say or do, because this is that. 3 template pairs/6 harmony to train: hand-foot, elbow-knee, shoulder-kua. Like the electronic link, device one to the other, closed circuit. When these are established, you completed the training, then you can create new/random pairs based on applications, like kua and elbow. Example: twisting towel, original pair is L hand and R foot, then it can be L hand and L foot. Exercise, small stance, kua goes up and down, done right, knee can go up and down. Yin and yang, everything can be done the other way, resulting in the same frame but different. The (negative) space, head-neck-shoulder triangle.

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