Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 5th Aug 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/08/07

Find and feel a line in the body. Produce a stick,can be long or short. At the beginning find the longest and then you can use part of it. In positive circle, sink the front shoulder towards the rear foot. Change the angle and make the shoulder disappear. Exaggerate. We are not doing it and we think we are doing it. It should be obvious that the teacher can see. To feel what going down means. When the kids fight, how do they go down? Practice, create a 45 degree slope with the body, line up the front hand and back foot, shoulder and butt cannot be in the way. Recalibrate this feeling, and it can be horizontal or in any other angle in the future. When sb pushes into the line, you stretch, the body becomes hollow/even, no protrusion, no indentation, and there is nothing there to interrupt the flow, like a roller coaster. No abstraction. The body becomes empty (only two dots), empty means full engagement, like a balloon, air even, no difference, full.
Straight line is a curvature. Sphere, circle has the ability to come back. In with elbow to line up, out with hand to maintain the line. Body becomes thinner.
Form corrections:
Wild horse parts its mane. Don’t move the arms, twist the body from shoulders and kua, until it goes over, then the arms come along. Shaking pole three times, the front shoulder has to rotate, does full circle from within. Turn left SSFC, hand is held, twist the torso to line up, then rotate to change direction to step up.
When the moves become smooth, twist more until it evens out again in another level, do rounds until the twist is always there and you cannot see.
Fajin. Wild horse parts its mane, two continuous screw driving forward. When turn, make the stance smaller so you are in better control.
Moderate. Learning curve. Back and forth. Process. Strong and soft are methods.

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