Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 7th July – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/07/09

3 years learning in the old time(学徒关系) is about 3 months full time training nowadays. The first 3 years is like the university, 7-10 years is the master degree, and after that, it depends on the situation.

Form corrections:

In Single whip, the two hands are anchored horizontally, make sure the L hand is pointing out not up.

Hands do not come back. Small catching and hitting, when withdraw the elbow, step up to compensate, so the hand is like a drill keeps going forward.

The primary move is rotation. The body need be hard and there is always a stick present in the body. If the opponent touches you, every part of the body is firm.

The hook in Single whip. The first three fingers come together form a beak, the other two fingers come along. It is like the chicken beak, like the bullet, penetrating. 一物降一物。The chicken head can only go forward and downward, cannot rotate facing up and they are blind at night. The natural enemies are hocks and weasels.

Rotation of the torso has to drive the arms out/expand. Cloud hands. Always move the core, the power goes outwards causing the arms to stretch out. The power never comes inward. A straight line comes out of the rotation, tangent.

Front trick and rear trick. Lock the upper body, the kua, the knees, the rear foot drives the arms.

Wild horse parts its mane. Lock the outside, stretch the inside. More from the kua.

The rhythm. Shaking the pole three times. The rhythm of upper and lower body is totally different. Rear foot solid, front foot on the heel, jerk the opponent in with the elbows, on the crash, step up, creating a bouncing wall. Similar move before Fist protecting heart, hands out rear foot back. Angle, timing and rhythm. You opponent hit a solid one piece and then you split.

Brush the knees. Intentions. Body does not move, use the tip of elbow to strike. Same thing after Initial closing, the right elbow strike.

To withdraw is to issue. In is out. The stick in the forearm. When in with elbow, fix the hand and stretch. The body is like a circular saw which is built, ready, the motor is always on, never turns off. Peng. Internalize.

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