Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 29th July 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/07/31

Rhythm. Human-butterfly. Combination of actions. Special overall pattern. English accent.
Go over. If the body is not separated, you cannot lock one part, and therefore there is no going over. When it is linked, it is not going over. Trunk is one piece, like an iron board. You can go over with your actual joints. Or anything that is straight, you can create a joint/pivot, a spot in space outside the body.To go over/climb over or open the door.

玄关 xuan guan. Mysterious fortress(wall/gate/door/opening)/special spot. Key word for daoism is xuan. 玄之又玄mystery of all mysteries. In the forms, see spots on you, you are turning/revolving/rotating around the spots. Only professionals can talk to each other, taiji is a profession.
设窍 she qiao. “She” is to set up, qiao is the opposite of guan. Guan is a soid dot, qiao is a spot in space that is not physical, it is an empty hole has function. Dots/black holes. It is level 9. It is the opening on the body, the orifice. Baihui is where energy goes in. Zuqiao is the third eye, where pure energy comes out of. Laogong, make a tight fist, and the mark on the palm from the middle finger is the point, the points on the two hands can match with each other, but the size is like the size of a needle. Guan is yang, the pivot or lever,实; qiao is yin, the center of tornado,虚. 关,一个用来过,一个用来防守,设点为关,动作都在关内。

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