Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 22nd July 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/07/25

Application is not fighting, it is the meaning.
Stories.1996 in Shaolin Temple.The show performed by the personal team of the abbot.

Delivery of power. Every move has two things, where, how much power. Speed. Yin Yand separation is there is sth, and you add sth to it. Internalize, gun-bullet-shell and powder-powder has three stuff. You cannot see the real fighting. It is like using a gun, when you realize it, it is already finished, done without anyone seeing it. When it is acted out, it is to show a result. There is no movements. For people, the most immediate response is, I am not ready.
China-we will not strike first. America-we are stong, will take the strike first. It is the same thing. You are using your thinking to evaluate Chinese thinking. For China to survive, from Sunzi, if you don’t move, I don’t move; if you move, I already moved. The passive way, in the end cannot be passive. Do you think I will give you a chance to be ready? When you don’t move, the energy moves faster. Physical movements need time, power. Body-infrustructure, is like the highway, it is already built, the car/energy runs on it.
3 abilities/levels: 1.Qinna. Liu Chengde. Chen Zhaokui, son of Chen Fake; 2.Similar as the external fightings, boxing, MMA. Feng Zhiqiang, use a lot of fist and elbow. Tian Xiuchen, monkey Tian, 7 disciples of Chen Fake. Chen Xiaowang; 3.bounce. Hong Junsheng, is opposite with anyone else, he can do this with anybody, not just with students. Li Jingwu, disciple of Chen Fake, exaggrated effects(Master of Yan Fang?). 1982, competition in Shanghai, Li Enjiu became a follower of Hong. Xu Guicheng counted Feng Zhiqiang beat Master Zhou 22 times.
Zhuanguan. Changing directoin without visually change. A stick, stays on the track and flips around. Turning over at the joints.

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