Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 16th July 2021 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/07/19

Liu Baojun how to teach kids Taiji.Education sell people. Master Chen Zhonghua’s high school, changed from an art school to academic school in three years. Take the risk. Master did demonstrations at schools twice every year for ten years. Be consistent. Some of them might come to Taiji when they grow up. It is a hard thing to invest in culture. Master Chen taught 500,000 people and now he has about 200 students. Appreciate and value your students. At least someone keeps going, so the style does not die out.

Fight against nature. Don’t believe human will act natural. Humans are not trees. 2 double negatives: Taiji is untied nature. Your so-called nature is not natural. Humans cannot do nature. Hong: this nature is not your nature.
Formula: 1. identify;2. find the cause.
Eyes on your opponent. You have to know where your opponent is. The move is towards your opponent in external martial arts. Taiji move is away from the opponent. You can break, pull or cut, but eyes stay on your opponent.
When the shoulder is wrong, it is because the kua is not filled;hand-elbow;elbow-shoulder;kua-knee is not fixed;foot-ankle is not straight.
Energy alignment. Dantian movements need be visual for a long time at the beginning. Every time you make a move without Dantian, it is a lift. Always a lever, not lift, kua is the engine. Dantian is an object, you see actions in dantian as a result. The activator is the kua. Dantian is a ball in the sand, you dig one side, it leans, you dig the other side, it falls, not sb kicks the ball. The kua is rubbing the dantian. All moves come from the joints, rotate, twist, grind, rub. Not moving but triggering the movements. Never use power, only use trigger. Four ounces overcome ten thousand pounds, using sth small to trigger sth big to happen. There are substantial changes. Traditional: human-horse; modern: gun, human-car.
Time is the only thing reliable, other things are little tricks. You find sth stable and let the time do the work.

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