Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 23rd July 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/07/25

The top is the top, the bottom is the bottom, the left is not the right, the right is not the left, the middle is right in the center. Same for outside and inside.

Going down. The lead. Hang. One dot leads the way. When the tip of the bullet is leading, we think the rest part follows. No, the rest part is going backwards. (This way there is no doulbe heavy). Fishing net. Never push, only pull. Master used a stick to push into the table in angle. It won’t work, it has to be the other end leading.
Exercise. Use the hands as a hook, hook onto your opponent, and go down only with the butt. Straight down, no deviation, like a screw, rotational moves. Find sth at the bottom, and pull the top down. Let the butt be heavy, let go of other control, and let the gravity gets hold of you. Don’t be afraid of falling, not secure, not supporting youself with the feet. No grip, no power, find an empty spot and drop into it, like water. 1.fingers strong, like a steel hook, a fixed structure; 2.trully relax, gravity. When go down, nudge the kua left and right to dig the sand on both sides to land evenly, finding the lowest spot. Like a baby. Can hang on the bar to practice. 东方大视野interview, Master Chen was thrown so much that he didn’t care any more, he could actually relax and recover. Hands fixed, nudge the elbows, no confrontation, go by, go over, 绕。
Readapt the mind to the moves. We understand the words, but not the context or the meaning.

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