Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 26th May 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/05/27

1.Lock the middle, move the two ends, 3 ways; 2. Lock the two ends in a twisted way, break the middle, when doing the lock, the intention of directing the energy is to the middle. 3 ways. The ability to catch. Six sealing four closing. Two hands 90 degree hold a stick, elbows squeeze into the hands, creating forward and back force, accurately aiming to the center of the stick. It is two sets of hands.

Martial arts is not a sport. Real taiji (effect) is dramatic, turning of the joints.

Stretch more, reach far and try to touch everything outside you.

Make the bottom and top clear doing the circles. At the beginning, we need to physically show it, later on from external to internalize. With this idea Master Chen Zhonghua demonstrated how to do Ground dragon, Step up to ride the wale and step back to tame the tiger.

The feet in positive circle. In with elbow, push from front foot, the waist is blocked from the back, cannot move, can only rotate, drawing in the elbow. Keep pushing from the front foot to turn the waist. On out with hand, push from back foot, the waist is blocked from the front, cannot move, only rotate, hand is out. Body is not neutral or slack, there is no release, it is always charged, like an inflated ball, fully charged, there is tension all the time. Peng. The middle is a transition as a hold, holding the object in place.

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