Online Lesson with Chen Zhonghua 21st April 2021

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/04/22

Train the scissors as an ability/skill. Two way split, in both elbow and armpit, 2 dots. In use or push hands, it is paper cut model, with one side being fixed, like an opponent holding you and you cannot move. Like the crab pincers.

Train the elbow. Thread through the needle, push into pull. Pass the demarcation line/dot. We always move after going through the hole. Before that, it is a push. Elbow has to pass the line, go over.

Cloud hands and single whip are repeated in the routines, because they are important. Hong said Chen Fake always use stuff shaking move for push hands. We do this move three times. Inside/indoor knowledge to distinguish us from the others, in memory of Chen Fake.

Two types of moves. 1. Lock the inside and move the outside. Standard lever. The body needs to be strong. 2. Lock the outside and move the inside. Pulling a bow. You have to switch over before continue.

Dantian is always inflated. The breath is in and out without out. Taiji is an imitation for life. Yin and yang is life and death. Peng is continuous. Life is about resolving it, to create a one way valve. Like the inflated pillow, blow the air in and it does not come out. Playing the flute, Tibetan blowing the horn, circular breathing, not interfering with the charge of power.

We cannot do it right, doesn’t mean we cannot continue.

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