Online Lesson with Master Chen 14th April 2021

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/04/15

3 beats. Cloud hands. When it is 3, the middle is stable and not affected, 2 is swollen but time is taken.

Stepping in six sealing four closing, avoid double heavy, arms go vertical and stepping is horizontal.

Dantian fits tight in a pipe with a lot of tension, no slack/tossing/large protrusion. Example: fist draping over body. The torso is switching inside a pipe, you have to turn over the joints. Foot and oppo arm stretch, the arm is rotating in the shape/frame. Forearm no move can only rotate in a pipe, twist the waist to create the stretch. To twist, you have to lock and move the rest, to create the helix. No twist, no power. It is the yin yang separation. And we continue to create tension on top of the other without releasing/losing any, until the jar explodes. Fundamental moves are a circle.

Combine- recombine, configure-reconfigure. Body is divided into sections, left and right, top and bottom, can be more parts, different parts can combine to be one piece, to engage and disengage, it is different ways of using power. At the beginning, the easiest way is to copy the moves.

Relax. Relax is trained tension. Effort is already put in. When you can master or control sth, you can relax. Train to be strong then you can relax. At the beginning, we pretend power for a long time.

Everything is correct at different stages or in a certain way. The important thing is we continue to make progress, not being stagnant.

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