Notes from Kelvin Ho’s Lesson on March 20, 2021

by Barbara Li on 2021/03/21

Corrections of Negative Circle: 1st count: Elbow in, must come in over the shoulder, hand pointed outward (throughout entire Negative Circle, hand is always pointed outward.)

2nd count: turn with waist and drop elbow to chest level (maintaining same elbow angle, & sit the wrist.)

3rd count: out with hand, use your left hand to hold your right elbow as reminder not to move elbow; elbow always pointed inward; lead with your right hand outward at a height that is lower than that of the 1st count, in with elbow.  Sit the wrist at all times.

(I found it hard to maintain ”sit the wrist“ at all times. I also have to fight my instinct to push out with my right elbow in the 3rd count, and to fight tendency to flip over my right palm while the right hand is going  out.)

Corrections of High Pat on Horse: 6 counts.

1st count: stand on R leg , L knee 90 degrees; R arm chest level, palm facing out; L arm waist level, palm facing body. Make sure not to wobble.

2nd count: stand on L leg, R knee 90 degrees; cross arms in front of chest, right arm outside, left arm inside.

3rd count: shuffle out R foot diagonally forward so that you are in half horse stance.

4th count: Double Negative Circle, right hand next to right cheek, but not touching.

5th count: extend right arm outward, elbow at right angle, palm facing upward.

6th count: without bending your body, push your right elbow/forearm downward using your right kua; palm upward. (My corrections: My body bent forward while doing the move. I need to lean back more even if it feels like I’m falling backwards. Also, I had to use my torso to power this move instead of using the kua – because my kua is not open.)

Kelvin said you will feel like you had a workout after doing this move, if you are doing it correctly. All moves in Practical Method should feel like a workout. If it feels relaxed or easy, you’re not doing it right.







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Kelvin Ho March 21, 2021 at 9:05 am

> 3rd count: shuffle out L foot diagonally forward so that you are in half horse stance.

Shuffle out R foot diagonally


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