Yilu Class Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson Wed 25 Nov 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/11/30

In today’s class the following students received partial Yilu corrections:
  • Spencer Jones
  • Xavier Santiago
  • Winston Wang
  • Josh Landau
  • Jody Hall
  • Paul Pryce
  • Liu Yuxin
  • Ong Wenming
  • Sven Gusowski
  • Rick Pietila
Positive Circle
  • In a three count positive circle, the sequence is (1) arm, (2) torso, (3) rear foot. You have power because the movement comes out of three different sections. So your opponent effectively cannot control you.
  • In count 2, turn with waist, this is twisting a bottle cap. Hold one end and twist the other end. The rotation is on the front kua and front shoulder axis. The kua causes the torso to move.
  • In count 3, out with hand, the torso and arms are propelled forward by the action of the rear kua to rear foot.
  • Three levels. In with elbow – normal human. Turn with waist – robocop. Out with hand – superhero.
  • You will never be able to do it unless you actually see what I am doing, to see the differences.
  • Avoid two things – the shoulder cannot go sideways. The shoulder cannot pop.

– Single Whip. When we rotate the forearm, we cannot retreat.

– Master showed how to turn over the forearm to the other side. This is called Turning Over. Once you train and fully understand the mechanics of that move, you will realise that your entire form, every move has that in it. When you implement this move, your push hands totally changes. The change is called no more dead corners. Whenever you push it is a dead corner, whenever you do not push there is no power. We are all stuck in this position.

– After Fetch Water, the front hand cannot retreat. The front shoulder squeezes down, the rear foot propels the hand forwards.

– Front and Rear Trick. Break the move into two steps. Straight, then rotate.

– Turn Left with Six Sealing and Four Closing. The rotation cannot displace space. The rear foot causes the body to step up.

– After Brush the Knee, the rotation on the waist causes the following elbow moves.

– If your whole body moves as one part that is called tossing. As long as you get out of that there will be multiple levels of not tossing.

– In Pole Shaking, the turn must be very large. Eyes remain locked on the target and cannot follow.

– In order to go over to the other side, we must understand there is a demarcation. Master showed an example with a wooden stick as a demarcation for the elbow to go over to the other side.

– In Tornado Kick, the body turns 45+180 degrees during the kick.

– No lifting. Lifting is to move while carrying weight.

– In Wild Horse Parts Its Mane, fold into the right kua, open the right toes, the body must keep integrity.

– We have to turn every push into a pull.


Energy never withdraws.

  • Example: Negative Circle. Your energy only goes forwards, hitting the wall at 45 degrees. It is continuously hitting it, but the body part gets reversed. The energy never withdraws. Your body withdraws. The separation of Yin and Yang is that the energy does not have two beats, it is continuously forwards. The body is separated into two beats, forwards and backwards.
  • Our problem is the energy and body is tied together.
  • Energy assimilates the action of time. Time is eternal because it only goes forward. It never reverses itself.
  • Peng is one energy that never reverses itself. Your body has multiple representations.


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