Online Lesson with Master Chen 9th Dec 2020 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/12/09

Today everyone practiced some moves and Master Chen gave corrections.

– Three Hats.
Top hat is on top of the head. Imagine weighing 20 pounds so the neck will have to be stiff and straight. When you push up, it is too heavy, the body is actually pushed down.
Middle hat is at the shoulders, weighing 35-50 pounds.
Bottom hat is at the kua, weighing 75-100 pounds. If the kua is too much indented or too much forward, the weight will make you fall. This makes sure the buttock is tucked, tailbone is facing the floor, and the heel is connected to the kua, with the knee locked.
These are the three levels to weigh the body down, providing the counter weight to make sure the power is contained and there is no leak out. Ensure the power can be transferred from horizontal to vertical.
The opposite is from vertical to horizontal, like the umbrella opening (double downward press). The power has to go out through the arms opening.

– Hands do not move.
Imagine the hand is holding onto a huge heavy rock, we have to use the body to push.
This goes with the concept of train with power. To find the structure. Example: If you are holding a 4-meter long stick horizontally, you will not be able to hold it long. But if you change the stick to vertical and hold at the bottom, then it is much easier. Whenever there is power on top, you have to go under it. If the hand is heavy (holding a weight or engaged with the opponent), you have to stick your body to the hand so the body gets under the hand to support, or you withdraw the elbow so the hand comes in to be supported.

– Six sealing four closing.
Each body part comes into the line to stretch. If the opponent is very light, just grind/smear the hands might be enough. As it gets heavier, you add the elbows into the line to stretch, then the shoulders, then the kua, then the chest has to cave in to stretch further.
When the elbow is in the right position (in and on the line), the shoulder will sink. This position will make you feel the shoulder will break. The chest can not be popped, so it is not on the way but becomes part of the stretch. Otherwise the line/power will be cut off at the chest.
Turtle neck, the neck disappears as the chest sinks.
Two section stretch with rubber cord. First stretch the thumb, then sink the shoulder without moving the arm.

– Fingers and heel connection. Create a curvature from the fingers along the arms, the back to the heels. Shoulders sunk, chest caved in, buttock tucked. No protrusion. Like the water dropping into a pipe, running smoothly without stop.

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