Yilu zoom class, Nov 5th 2020

by Gora Nebulana on 2020/11/05

Nov 5, 2020
One of a Golden class
  1. Outside to navigate, inside to power.
  2. All movement comes from internal. Kua, chest, elbow, waist rotation. 4 engine is 2 Kua and 2 shoulder. The movement is like opening a triangle, only point B move.
  3. Like a water hose to retract is like winding the hose from the back. Foward is lik pulling the hose from the front.  This is in with elbow, rotate with waist an out with hand.
  4. Always keep your arm round.
  5. Keep hand wrist on chest bone blade all the time.
  6. Finger alwas in line when elbow in, turn shoulder and hands out. This is hand not moving.
  7. Connect elbow and Kua and move together when turning.

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