Online Class with Master Chen 18th Nov 2020 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/11/19

– Clarity. At the beginning we learn the moves like following a printed instructional book. So we only learn the fixed posture, and the transition does not matter. This is called to trace the movements. No flow and as big as possible. Each move we pause like someone is taking a picture of your posture. Through years of practice the flow comes, without losing the frame.

– Balance between being careful and power. The movements are careful to make sure they are precise, but each move need to have a grip. The power is expressed from the joints, which are the hidden surface. We touch the opponents with the outer surface, which does not express power.

– The outside does not move, only move the inside. When the outside is lined up with the inside. The outside is an expression of the inside.

– Rigidity and stiffness. This is what we want in our practice. The untaiji liked moves. The outside is strong and does not move, so the joints have to work. To bring the activities into the joints, reproducing lubricant. Through years of grinding, all the corners disappear and become smooth, like grinding a stone. That is internal.

– Power. Everything outside is a compression towards you. The outside pressure is 51 and the inside is 49. Every move is going from inside, breaking out.

– We learnt the proper way to do Fall into Split. To come out of the split, the push is always forward, not up and down.

– Form 67 Step up to Six Sealing Four Closing. R elbow in establish a rod, rotate on the rod and the R foot is brought forward by the rotation. Don’t walk.

– When we follow the steps to train, we gain the ability to grind the joints into the hands and feet.

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