Master Chen Online Foundations Lessons Notes, 2 November 2020 — Raymond Dickey

by Raymond Dickey on 2020/11/02

Master Chen Foundations Class 2 November 2020

If the hand cannot move, the body must move vertically

Hand cannot move, head cannot move, feet cannot move – only the inside can move

‘Elbow is left behind’ – elbow must lead, kua must lead

The wrists are locked, passive – the tip (corner) presses down

‘Intention’ – ‘lead’

Two materials in tai chi body: stick and rope (hard and soft)

Always there – with tension, stick. Without tension, rope

What you think you see is fake – the real cannot be seen

The elbow is placed at the bottom, but the movement is upwards

(exception: if arm is oriented upside down)

Elbow must move toward the A-C line

6 sealing/4 closing: elbow and kua must move up

‘Wedged power’ – when you move the middle

The 2 ends never move, we only move the middle.

Have someone hold hand and shoulder – only elbow can drive toward the line

Use a stick – or a bar in the park

The hand cannot drop – it must stay on the same line

‘To understand’ – it means you can follow instructions from the teacher

The kua and knee drops, but the hand stays on that line

The arm cannot move up and down – you cannot fight

Finally, the waist is turning – but the arm must stay on the same line

Don’t let torso rise – it can stretch down to counter

‘Clear’ movement – with isolation, create power.  Muddy movements don’t have power.

Keep wrist straight, always

Don’t move your shoulder – the power is dissipated.

Power – yang energy – if your body moves down, it locks against leaking the power.  If your body goes sideways, power leaks.

Every joint as at least 2 parts – but in PM we only move 1 part of the joint. The other part(s) cannot move.  Shoulder – the part joining the torso cannot move.

The stretch – extension – is not movement.

The power from the elbow should all go to the hand.

The forearm only appears to move – the real movement is all from the elbow.

The shoulder has the intention of moving backwards – but don’t let it.  It is against a wall.

In this exercise, keep hand on the shoulder line throughout


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