Raymond Dickey

Positive circle – must stretch from rear side.  Must open the inside. Has to be from crotch and back leg.

Feet look like tip-toe, but actually power is going down.  This is the strongest.

3-part circle: 3 body parts: arm, torso (rotate from kua), foot (kua to rear foot)

The movement comes from 3 different sections – the opponent cannot catch or stop you. Read more

Master Chen Yilu Online Lesson 4 Nov 2020

When we being Yilu, we are ‘tracing tai chi’ to lean the choreography.  But as we learn, we have to DO the form from tai chi principles.

Small change palm (single whip) – the elbow is forced in to the middle.
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Master Chen Foundations Class 2 November 2020

If the hand cannot move, the body must move vertically

Hand cannot move, head cannot move, feet cannot move – only the inside can move

‘Elbow is left behind’ – elbow must lead, kua must lead
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Master Chen Foundations Lesson Notes, 20 Oct 2020

Squeezing with the elbows

搓 (cuō) rub Read more

Remember to lock one body part to do stretching.   Find one thing and do it right.  Once you have the method, you can repeat it until it exhausts you. Read more

In our system, the kua is the dan tien, when both kuas are open, the dan tien is ‘full’

One your body learns rotation, all moves in Yilu make sense.  Without rotation, no Yilu moves make sense.  All the movements will be ‘fake’, ‘made up’, because there is no rotation. Read more