Master Chen Foundations Lesson Notes, 19 October 2020 — Raymond Dickey

by Raymond Dickey on 2020/10/19

Remember to lock one body part to do stretching.   Find one thing and do it right.  Once you have the method, you can repeat it until it exhausts you.

‘If you find stairs, you have to use the stairs.’

Fetch water – stretch front foot to elbow.  The elbow should not be too big – this causes a circle in the hand.  The movement of the elbow is rotation.

If your arm is too straight, that’s ‘stiff’. If too bent, it’s ‘crooked’. You have the find the right place in the middle.  ‘Sum is 15 – everything comes to 15’

6 sealing: Level 1: both hands must stay on 1 line, This is the most important first principle.

Level 2: hands must move proportionally (50/50. 60/40 or as directed)

Rear elbow must also be on that line.

Rear shoulder cannot rotate out of line (this is wrong)

Front finger touches a wall, rear elbow touches a wall, stretch in between.

Shoulder has to open up – when your rear elbow starts to reach limit, open up and stretch the elbow.  Otherwise elbow will move out of the line.  If the rear elbow moves up, this is wrong.  Shoulder has to open and stretch.

Training: have partner hold a long stick – both hands and rear elbow must stay on that line.

‘To sink’ – shoulder opens, chest opens.  This adjustment, action is added to all moves.  ‘Sinking’.  Eventually all part of the body must ‘sink’.

Positive circle – on out (3), you must ‘turn over’.  Hold armpit (still), and let shoulder rotate.

Concept: 6 sealing/4 closing – it you ‘go over’, it’s a circle.  If it doesn’t ‘go over’, it’s not a circle.

Circle: flat line, upward peak, flat line, downward line

When you go over, the armpit cannot go with.

In 6 sealing/4 closing, front stops and rear continues: this is the ‘peak’, and it goes over the threshold.  This is why it’s a a circle.

It’s like going through the threshold of a door.  Both feet cannot ‘go over’ at the same time.

‘Something has to be left behind’.  What is left depends on the situation.

Walking up stairs: lock head, use kua to lift the legs

T-structure: Top – ‘bar’

Vertical – rod. Only the rod can rotate.

Negative circle: elbow leading upwards, hand leads downwards

The major problem is coordination of the body rotation with the hand motion.  They must be totally matched.

The rotation and motion must match like 2 gears.

Very important that the torso pulls elbow, then hand in

On the way out, hand must lead

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