Foundations online class November 3rd 2020 by John Upshaw

by John Upshaw on 2020/11/03

Master Chen had Kelvin Ho restate the content from yesterday’s instructions. The hand and shoulder are on the same line or track. The shoulder is fixed. The elbow goes up into that line, which pushes the hand out. The elbow is the lead.

Shifu talked about the line being a tube , like a captive bolt pistol. When we put restrictions on both sides of the line, on the top and on the bottom, it creates a tunnel, which increases power that shoots out the fingertip. My thinking is like Hydraulics, when there is a tube and there’s compression it goes out the point that is open, which would be the fingertips.

Shifu added another move to do along with the move that we worked on yesterday. From ½ horse stance, the front knee goes down and the rear knee goes up, while the torso goes straight down as a result of the knees going up and down. The torso is a barrel that just sits on top…it is inactive yet maintains it’s structure. Due to the complexity of this move, Shifu had us work on just the knees going up and down. When I demonstrated the move, I tossed. Shifu there were three lines , front knee to ankle , shoulder to kua and the central vertical line. When I did these moves, the lines merged. I had to be intentional about these lines not merging.

The front knee pushes forward. We put a restriction of a wall being in front of the knee. As result, the knee ends up going down. Other restrictions that were discussed were like a wall between the shoulder and hip and then kua and knee.


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