Foundations on line notes ~ October 13th 2020 by John Upshaw

by John Upshaw on 2020/10/13

Foundations on line notes ~ October 13th 2020 by John Upshaw


Kelvin Ho lead us through a positive circle stepping back drill.  With our front hand out, we would step back with a rear foot causing us to go lower, we rotated/shifted from our front kua to our rear kua, rotating the elbow in on the same line with hand staying fixed on that same line…like a spear, tip pointed at the opponent.  By using my kuas in this manner, my range increased.


Elbow coming in, went under the shoulder, while going out the line would go over the shoulder. So, in other words, goes in from the bottom and comes out from the top.


1st method of going over the shoulder: One movement that goes over to the other side.


2nd method going over the shoulder: Go halfway over and then switch from the bottom the switching is from the waist/dang… yao dang zhuan huan.

Separate arms from shoulder, you can switch in many directions. Shifu dedemonstrated this with the student.


A central theme in Confucianism, there are two ways left and right, we choose to walk “the middle way”.


Taiji is about resolving the contradiction.

Taiji is about changing direction without changing direction.

Taiji is about moving without moving, doing something without doing.

Taiji is about action that requires no action.

We must switch without changing the outside.

The only change without a change is a rotation.

When you are like a gear in rotational way and you move without moving, the result is a net production of energy. If you move then energy escapes, which is a loss. 

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