October 6th 2020, Foundations On-line Class – John Upshaw

by John Upshaw on 2020/10/06

October 6th 2020 foundations On-line Class

Today we worked on staying on the line, which exists between the front shoulder and the front hand, and beyond with the same trajectory . The elbow pushes into that line, Which is activating the elbow, thus forcing the handout. The elbow withdraws in a way that integrity of the line between the shoulder and the hand remains intact.

Master Chen Got a long stick in which he had one end on his front shoulder and the other was being held by his assistant student, Doug. He then made a ring between his thumb in the closest finger around the stick. He demonstrated using the elbow to move the hand on the line with the elbow being the active part and the hand being passive. He said when the teacher gives an example we should actualize it. We need to have something real to do the exercise so something real happens, recalibrate, otherwise we think we’re doing it and we are not.

“What you know is what you are able to do.”


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