Foundation Class Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson Mon 9 Nov 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/11/09

In today’s class we focused on Six Sealing Four Closing.

– Sinking is to open up the corners.

– (1) Rotation throws the elbow into the hand (vertical line). (2) Waist rotation further powers the hand (horizontal line).

– When you move, the power is in your arm. When do do not move, the power is released through a tube.

– Two gears. There are two methods. (1) Each gear has a rod in the middle. The gears are placed so they do not jam, they do not leave. (Fix the inside). (2) Both gears are encased in a tight casing outside. There are no rods. (Fix the outside). Both ensure there is no sideways move.

– These things cannot be done in six months. If they can be done in six years, you will be the luckiest man on earth.

– The ratio. Five waist / three elbow / one hand. Power is caused by this ratio.

– When you toss, you generated five and created fifteen. We must generate fifteen and create five. This creates compression.

– To toss is to move more than the energy can bear.  Example: Filling a rubber 5L jar of water with 5.1L (compression) vs 3L (to toss).

– You have to control every part of your arm.

– Training Method: Hold the elbow, and squeeze the shoulder down into it. The elbow must squeeze towards the hand. Repeat this process with the rest of the forearm to ensure the squeeze does not leak out. This is like squeezing toothpaste.

– Exercise: Consider three points on your arm – hand, elbow, shoulder. Place your elbow on a table. Squeeze the shoulder down. The elbow does not move and causes the energy to be squeezed out of the hand.

– (1) The kua canot move the arm sideways. It has to move the arm forward. (2) The elbow has to go into the hand.

– Front shoulder must be like a ball. There is a string pulling it towards the rear foot. The throw causes it to go back.

– Training method: Make the move smaller and the move on the waist very large.

– There is a very narrow slot for the hand. Master showed an example with a flat board on both sides. The arm must remain in the slot. Our problem is that when we rotate, the slot is lost.

– If you move on a track within the regulated area, you movement is acceptable. If you lose the regulatory moves, your move becomes random.

– Example of a slot creating power. Chinese jackknife, which is an ancient guillotine. There is a two sided slot with a blade.

Rotation will eventaully be understood as a larger stretch.

– Partner exercise: Elbow driven into the hand.

– Sandbag exercise (Felicia Fong): Take a long sandbag partially filled with sand. Hold onto the two ends and stretch them out. Turn your waist to force the sand to go from one end of the sandbag to the other end.

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