Yilu Class Notes October 22, 2020 – Edward Liaw

by Edward Liaw on 2020/10/22


Rub foot

  • In between the two rub foot, make a pit stop. 90 degrees to your initial position.
  • Chest parallel to back wall when you kick with heel.

Fist protecting heart

  • Feet 45 degrees to back wall.
  • Don’t rush it.

Kick with heel

  • Front hand low, rear hand high, kick downwards. Not parallel to the floor.

Small catching and hitting

  • Inside and outside were off.
  • Lock the outside frame and move inside.
  • Hand direction stays the same.

Change palm three times

  • Hand cannot come in.


Cloud hands

  • Waist did not turn

After rub foot

  • Went to the middle did not have the opening. Too uptight inward.
  • Collapsed while becoming small. Scrunched? Bud that never blossomed fully into a flower. Did not open up right or did not close right.
  • Small and large without losing shape. Small triangle and large triangle keep the same shape only size changes.

Kick with heel

  • Have to touch the three solids. Hand hand foot. Small – hands head knee. Solid, smaller solid.

Punch to the ground

  • Feet 45 degrees to the wall.
  • Don’t get up. Don’t lose torso. Cannot rotate from kua, moved from top.
  • Upright. Kuas rotate causing downward move. Other hand has to go higher to counterbalance.
  • Torso does not move / twist. All in kua.

Double kick

  • Hand maintain posture, don’t lose hands.

After fist protecting heart

  • Don’t move hands

Punch covering hand

  • Feet must follow.
  • Don’t lean forward.


  • Pawel is Polish growing up in Germany. German but not German. In Poland they can make everything they make but German stuff is 1% better. Just missing that little bit of precision. Very heavy, even if its 130 yrs old it works the same. But in Poland, 30 years later it breaks down.
  • At a point where hard to advise you. Rotation looks like rotation but not totally a rotation. Knees look like they don’t move but they move a little. Need to be very sharp very precise. Produce more energy from the same body but being more delineated. Power that comes out of efficiency. The fitting needs to be tighter. Where a lot of people fall off the grid, it’s always boring.
  • Try practicing in a different method. If you do 10 yilus a day, do 9 without thinking and 1 where you divide into sections and do very slowly with intent. When you hit one move that is slightly off, stop and keep practicing that move until you find what is missing. All improvements are direct results of changing. If you can’t find things to change, you’ll stay the same.


Front trick

  • Right hand upward, left hand hit toward back wall (sideways).

Before shaking pole 3 times

  • Rotation was external. Must be slight adjustments to the shoulder and rotate the kua.

Single whip

  • Foot parallel


  • Similar to Gora but need more fluency.


Fist under elbow

  • Don’t move. Just adjust the hand. Adjust foot, not body. Only move one thing at a time. Divide body into 3 parts, hold onto 2 and move 1. Divide into 9: hold 8, move 1. Move becomes very strong. Opposite of what you think. Only one little thing protrudes. Rifle, only the bullet moves. After it fires you can move it.

Reversed coiling

  • Rear arm should not be crooked. Just be normal.
  • After stretch, don’t move hand. Only elbow and kua.
  • Move whole body, don’t lose line. Holding a blade. Moving without moving. Don’t move that dot off the target.

White crane

  • Back hand replaces front hand position. Hand cannot wave.

Flash the back

  • Hand stays where it is, elbow, body ducks under and through. The throw is that you hold the opponent, you walk over to the other side of his body and he’s on the ground.
  • Need to cross the threshold. Body and arm do not separate yin yang.
  • Point of reference cannot move with movement.
  • Fix hand, move body. Fix body, only swing hand.
  • Looks wrong, feels wrong, but it’s the only right move. Everything else is muscle.


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I have been a disciple of Master Chen since August 2018. I began practicing Practical Method in March 2015, when I spent 3 months full time on Daqingshan.

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