Yilu Class Notes October 15, 2020 – Edward Liaw

by Edward Liaw on 2020/10/15


Cloud hands

  • Need to rotate torso to give the appearance of the hands moving.

Getting stuck

  • Issue is that you were able to “do” things since the beginning. Able to mix instructions with something you were already able to do.
  • Need to be stuck unable to do it, so that it forces you to do something totally new. Never went through a time where you couldn’t do it. If there is no difficulty why would there be change?

Twist step

  • Pivot on one foot, to bring feet closer to adjust.

Stone tablet

  • Center core must be strong throughout – stone tablet. Total clarity.


Shoulder rotation

  • Must have the feeling of the shoulder rotation – separation from torso.

Only does that

  • Use your other hand to grab your elbow. Rotate that together with your hand. No other move.
  • The wheel does not move, the car moves.

Arm going down

  • Knee level, shoulder level, dantian level. Arm cannot go down by itself.
  • Rounded cylinder shaped object, gas barrel on a beach. Does not move, does not change shape. If you dig the sand on one side, it tilts. The barrel does not change shape.

Rub foot

  • Don’t stand up while kicking.


Kua open

  • When the kua is not open, the knees stick out like sore thumbs. When the shoulder is not open, the elbows stick out.
  • Stance is wide enough for the knees to not move anymore. Until you’re totally stuck.

Twist step

  • Elbow in position, only torso rotates and goes down.
  • Still have knee problems.

Pound mortar

  • Torso must make all the moves, the arm only rotates in its tube.
  • Every move must be indirect. Never my fault.


Step back whirl arms

  • Faking it – all the moves are getting ready, missed the strike. The real move is the strike. Like tearing cloth. First two on the opponent’s ribs, last one on the kua.
  • On the shoulder, needs to be on the kua.

Single whip

  • Body is following hand, needs to isolate. Last adjustment step is the position you should be in after the rotation.
  • Every time you make a mistake, it’s 100% how other schools are teaching.
  • Simple, until really simple, until coordination (until ?)


  • Lay out all the pieces. Then put them together. Procedure.
  • There is no table. Only screws. Only boards. Only instructions. None of them are the table. Only the end result is a table. During the process there is no table. Follow the procedure.
  • All humans, but organized to have power. The procedure is different. For factory work you have a procedure. For politicians you have a procedure. The end result is that the society is alien.
  • All taiji have the same body parts. How you organize them, precision of angles, and order of movements.


Twist and dimensions

  • Twisted boomerang. Not on one plane. Two sticks on two planes. Plane a plane b. There is a threshold. Switch direction and position across two planes. Therefore it’s a rotation. 3 dimensional is not 3 dimensional you think. Totally not here. You are not here.

Dimensional size

  • At different levels you show up. There are two of you. Double the efficiency of the opponent. Yin yang. When there are more, still yin yang but there is another dimension added. 1 -> 2. 2 -> 4. 3 -> 16. Squaring. 1 nail cannot lie down on it. 4 is not as bad. 16 becomes a surface.
  • Metaphorical ratio: 1 inch of foot is 9 inches on the hand.
  • Taiji square. 70,000 sq m. Outside of it still a lot of land to be able to park a car around it. One more tile on outskirt doubles your cost.
  • When you’re full, 1 small move on the finger is 9 sq feet.


About Edward Liaw

I have been a disciple of Master Chen since August 2018. I began practicing Practical Method in March 2015, when I spent 3 months full time on Daqingshan.

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Gerry Gebhart October 15, 2020 at 9:41 am

Thanks Edward! As usual, your notes are succinct. It was difficult to take notes and receive instruction at the same time.


Rick Pietila October 15, 2020 at 6:52 pm

I appreciate your attention to details in your note taking, many thanks!


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