Notes from Master Chen Zhonghua‘s Online Class on Oct. 12, 2020 – Carlotta Vivanni

by Carlotta Viviani on 2020/10/13

  • The learning ratio is strange. Many years of hard work (5 till 10 years) without results. But once you understand the rotation, within 3 months every move of the Yilu starts to make sense

  • Story of China and evolution of Taijiquan. We like to believe that Taiji was always the same. The teaching’s method evolves, but the philosophy and ideas remain the same. Find a scientific method of learning. This is why Master Chen teaches differently, but he has not changed anything.
  • Story about Chen Fake and Hong Junsheng. Hong and other students only performed Yilu. Chen Fake was doing exercises while the students were practicing the Form. Hong asked him about these exercises: They were circles taken out of the Form because Chen Fake was too old to perform the Form. Since Hong was sick, he started to do these exercises, so that he could train the entire day. In the ancient teaching way if you ask the right question the teacher will answer you. If you ask the wrong question the teacher won’t answer.
  • Story about Chen Zhonghua and Li Enjiu (his older Taiji brother). They created the same foundations exercises from Hong’s teaching. If you follow the same principles, the result will be the same. If you do it right it is always the same. But there are many ways of doing things wrong
  •  Positive Circle. From a shoulder based version to a kua based version

– Only do it with your kua. You have To draw a three dimensional circle with the kua

– Explore. Do not restrict yourself. The range has to be big

– Master Chen showed the exercise with a stick touching and pointing out from his kua. If the kua
movement is small, the movement of the top of the stick is small. If the kua movement is big, the
movement of the stick is also big

– The arms are extensions. The movement must come from the kua

– In this exercise we are required to move the kua. The movement is not a rotation

– It has to be a real physical size. Use a point of reference

– Wiggling always referred to the dantian area. When Master Chen says wiggling it means we are
not creating size.

– When you don’t have size, you create the size by moving the feet

– Whatever you do, this is not about you standing and not moving. It is about having a pivot, so that
you can move better

– The fight is from the feet

– If you power your body with something above your kua, you’re losing the connection to the ground.
You must be powered by your kua all the time

– Shuttle: Back and forth movement of the feet

– Mind is totally on the kua

– The last part you have to poke your kua up

– Do not bend backwards with the buttocks. Do not lean forward with the shoulder

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