Notes from Master Chen Zhonghua’s Online Class on Oct. 5, 2020 – Carlotta Vivianni

by Carlotta Viviani on 2020/10/12

Using Six Sealing and Four Closing to focus on Conversion: Converting a vertical rotation to a horizontal rotation

  • You should not exist. Just a pure rotation
  • Torso rotation. The arms are not moving
  • At the beginning the hand is facing 45 degrees downwards
  • Shoulder rotating, but not getting involved
  • The chest must be gone. Use the other hand to help the chest to hollow
  • Exercise: Hold your elbow. Push it up to cause the hand to go out. The word for the elbow is plummeting. It has to be low. But this is the starting point. The elbow has to push up during the move. Pushing the elbow up causes the stretch
  • The stretch will make you a stick
  • The word for the shoulder is to sink
  • The front only make contact. No fight. The body goes backwards until it hits the rear foot

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