Notes from Master Chen online forms class 8 October 2020

by Paul Carlson on 2020/10/08

The subject of the lesson was corrections of yilu. Four students performed parts of yilu and received corrections.

Master Chen related a concept about a screwdriver turning a screw. Before the screwdriver fits into the screw, one can do anything they want. You can sing a song while bringing the screwdriver to the screw. You can do almost anything while fitting the screwdriver into the screw but afFer the screwdriver is fitted into the slot of the screw, there is only one thing you can do if you want to turn the screw.

From Buddha’s warrior to cross hands to fist draping over body, only do one move at a time. The cross hands should be on the dan tian not chest.

At the end of fist draping over body, before placing left hand on hip the right fist drops and reaches forward toward left foot so that right hand obscures the left hand being placed on hip. With the left hand on the left hip everything is on the rear foot (left foot is front). Rotation is on the rear foot. Lock a position, don’t move, only rotate.

Everything in this series only used rotation of the torso.

After fist covering hand downward, turn on axis on the right side. Then turn to step up to the left. Step 45° right to double push hands. Don’t move hands. In double push hands, shoulders stay in place. Rotate torso to push hands downward. These are negative circles. Bring right elbow in to ribs without moving hand then rotate torso to the right to bring left forearm in against the right forearm. Do not move the hand. Rotate left with forearms still together before opening up.

After double kick swing both hands in a circle and at the end, kick the left foot to the floor.

Our taiji only teaches us to do the things we are not able to do.

We have to listen until we hear everything that Master Chen is teaching us. We should not practice while he is giving corrections to others. We need to listen and see all instruction. We need to observe until we see all the instructions. We need to learn a new system. When we have the false belief system we come to the wrong conclusions.

There is not one move in taijiquan that is close to anything else. Not close to basketball or ballroom dancing. It is NOT a bunch of arm waving. The original taijiquan was unique. It was not the taiji that we see old people doing in the park.

We need a child’s method to learn an adult art.

He emphasized again, students should make notes and publish on the website.

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