Notes from Master Chen online foundations class 6 October 2020 – Paul Carlson

by Paul Carlson on 2020/10/06

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The subject of the lesson continued working on six sealing four closing.

Master Chen said that people can train for many years but never make the change that will help them improve. They keep doing the same thing that they always have done. We often say old bottle with new wine but in China it is turned around, old wine in new bottle.

He used the analogy of two bottles rotating against one another and a paper between. When the bottles rotate the paper moves out in a different direction.

When our teacher tells us something we need to actually do it not just think about it.

Today we worked on keeping the hand on a line. We used a stick. It is best to have another person help but it is possible to do by ones self. The thumb and forefinger of the front hand make a circle around the stick and then we move the elbow up and down to make the hand move in and out. The hand always stays on the line created by the stick. Next when we move the elbow down we also pull the elbow in towards the center (supposing that we move the elbow with our other hand). This pulling the elbow creates the appearance that the hand rotates as the hand is pulled in. The hand does not rotate but it appears so because the elbow is pulled in.

REAL is not in the head. Out training has to be real, physical. We need something REAL in order to recalibrate. We need to physically do Practical Method. After we practice this exercise for a long time (3 years) we can work on the shoulder going to the kua. Shoulder must remap. It must twist.

Again Master Chen emphasized that two ends are fixed and the middle is empty. When you can see a circle there is no circle you are just moving. If it is a screwdriver you can see no circle.

When we have instruction we must listen then write the words of the teacher and statistically analyze them. When we receive instructions we must follow instructions! Do not change topics! The method is important. Do not create a new topic. In other words, do not ask questions not related to the immediate instructions.

Students MUST use our language or they are not learning our system. Use the same vocabulary as Master Chen.

Master Chen told about when he started training with Grandmaster Feng. Feng did not use the same vocabulary as Grandmaster Hong. Also, he didn’t concentrate on the physical positioning. He only use qi and intent. He didn’t care about where his hand was. Master Chen had a hard time transitioning to Feng’s system but Master Chen emphasized that using the same vocabulary is very important.

On another note, Master Chen wants his students to write notes and articles and post on the website. There he has a procedure to analyze the writings to see if his students are using the PM vocabulary. He says he needs data to determine the progress of his students.

Master Chen also said that students should make videos once a month and post on the site so that he can review their progress and make corrections. Don’t worry that your yilu is not good enough to post for others to see.

Need to tape yourself!!!


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