Notes from Master Chen online forms class 7 October 2020

by Paul Carlson on 2020/10/07

The subject of the lesson was corrections of yilu. Six students performed parts of yilu and received corrections.

The basic concept that Master Chen emphasized was that we are doing the moves. We should not be doing the moves. We need to setup and then rotate. When Master Chen says we are doing it, it means that we are pretending. Need to rotate the core.

We need to rotate around the pivot. The pivot cannot move to generate power. When the pivot moves, power is lost. We don’t really know how we are moving. When we feel that we are rotating we actually are not correct. When we feel that we are doing something wrong we MAY be correct.

From fist covering hand downward to double push hands, do not move hands/arms. Rotate to the left very quickly. On number 3 of change palms three times, first bring right elbow in then rotate left to bring the forearms together. The forearms must be together. The rotation not only brings the forearms together but also causes the left hand to shoot up and outward but still in contact with the right forearm.

Every change in direction must come from the core. Only rotate. In walk obliquely in twist steps, only rotate. Rotate from the core.

Head and central core must be totally independent of the body. All moves must come from the rotation of the core.

Cannot have 2 body parts move at the same time. Later on (maybe 30 years) two parts moving at the same time is not wrong.

On forward moves, never have any body part move backward.

On positive circles, hand must be a little higher than the shoulder and much higher than the elbow. The apparent upward movement of the hand comes from dropping the body not from movement of the hand. Similarly, the lowering of the hand comes from the raising of the body. First the body drops and then the kua turns. No arm on positive circle.

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