Notes from Master Chen online forms class 14 October 2020 – Paul Carlson

by Paul Carlson on 2020/10/15

The subject of the lesson was corrections of yilu. Seven students performed parts of yilu and received corrections.

Humans, by nature, have many attributes. In our taijiquan training we need to get rid of all those attributes because in doing the form and in the applications, those attributes hinder us from preforming properly. The concept of “don’t move” is part of this training. Learning taijiquan is simple but it is not simple because we are humans. All our normal abilities are derived from our five senses plus our ability to think. These things deter us from learning taijiquan Practical Method.

Master Chen said that everything he learned was accidental. When he thought he got something his teacher said, no, he didn’t get it.

Learning is different now. In our modern learning we have to be consistent so everyone around the world will learn the same things.

Something that we need to realize is our power in the moves is levered power not moving power.

The very first move going into single whip is called small change palm three times. This is the first time we have used this terminology. We need to imagine that the arm is inside a tube. The source of movement is the shoulder not the elbow. The shoulder propels the opening of the elbow.

When stepping out into the single whip posture the angle of the kua needs to shift. We need to rotate the kua and create at twist. Every move needs a twist.

After fist covering hand downward, when turning to the left, the elbow has to lead.

In step back and whirl arms on both sides we need to show meaning in the moves. In step back and whirl arms on both sides we can imagine the elbow is on a table. Press the shoulder to the elbow. The elbow can’t move so the hand moves. By pushing the shoulder down, the hand will come up.

There are several places in the form where the arm needs to come over from behind to the front. The arm cannot move sideways, it needs to come over the top. This needs to be emphasized in our training.

Our taijiquan training will create a fundamental change in our body. This will happen over the course of our training.

Our moves need to be tight so they don’t fall apart but not too tight or they will not work. In executing moves, first need to get stuck then unstuck. In other words, moves need to peak then release. Lock a part whenever you are totally stuck then when you give a little bit it goes to the other side. We should stress doing our moves like a machine.

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