Yilu Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson – 1 Sep 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/09/01

In this lesson the following students recieved Yilu corrections:

  • John Upshaw
  • Brennan Toh
  • Dina Kerr
  • Bruce Van Slyke
  • Edward Liaw
  • Sooyeon Zacharias
  • Paul Janssens
  • James Tam

– Two Methods: (A) Fix the middle and move the two ends. (B) Fix the two ends and move the middle.

– Example: T bar. This is Fix the middle and move the two ends.

– Exercise: After (12) Fist of Covering Hand. The arms and upper body lock into a structure. No move. Turning to the right is caused by the kua.

– Exercise: (2) Block Touching Coat. While shifting horizontally, the torso and specifically the front shoulder cannot move.

– Exercise: (7) Brush the Knee. Before stepping the left foot, the left kua and left shoulder squeezes (?) and the foot was lifted. The body remains in control. It cannot fall forwards.

– (1) Buddhas Warrior. Go directly to the first move. Do not make any preparations.

– (1) Buddhas Warrior. Master demonstrate the usage of the three axes (plural of axis). Left kua to left shoulder. Centre. Right kua to right shoulder.

– (1) Buddhas Warrior. When the left heel steps out, the left elbow pulls in.

– (4) Single Whip. In the finished posture, the torso must be totally horizontal.

– (6) White Crane. Only drop the body vertically when extending the hands and right foot out. The body cannot move backwards. This is an example of fix the middle and move the two ends. There is no power unless there is a pivot.

– (10) Second Closing. Only stealthily step the L foot back. The upper body cannot move.

– Movements we see are outside. Only by being trained you can see the inside. The torso is driving the body. Master demonstrated this with (16) Lean with Back. The rotation translates into outside movements.

– Question: in (1) Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar which kua is active? Master demonstrated the usage of the kua throughout all the moves.

– Lock one end, move the other end – you create distance and power.

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Edward Liaw September 3, 2020 at 11:35 am

Didn’t have time to post my notes on Tuesday, here they are:

Brush knee
* Work on not tossing the body forward when stepping. Stand on back leg from white crane and step out without body following.

Block touching coat
* Only horizontal when setting waist after step. For future lesson.
* Stepping back, don’t move torso back. It can only go down, hands and foot split.

Second closing, after fetch water
* Step behind with right foot, tbar.

Buddha’s warrior
* Front elbow withdraws with foot stepping forward.
* Don’t move hands, squeeze shoulder to drive hand up.

After punch covering hand
* Left hand up to right ear.

* Lock an end creates distance and power. Lock center creates neutralization.


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