Hunyuan Taiji Wushu Development Center Statement May 17, 2020

by admin on 2020/05/17

We hereby solemnly declare, our school is in no way or shape related to the Ma Baoguo who was KOed in 40 seconds today (May 17, 2020).

Chen Style Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan (Abbreviated as Hunyuan Taiji 陈式心意混元太极拳,简称混元太极拳) was founded by the late Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang, with its aim as a health exercise for human health. It is an excellent cultural heritage. To date, it has a history of close to one hundred years.

Ma Baoguo has violated our trademark ™ name to call his style Hunyuan Xingyi Taiji Gate (浑元形意太极门) and has repeatedly tarnished our reputation. My grandfather’s disciples have on many occasions launched lawsuit against him. Further, the Hunyuan Taiji Wushu Development Center and the Hunyuan Taiji Professional Committee under the Beijing Martial Arts Association reserve the right to take legal actions against those social media which continue to associate us with such frauds.

Gao Yuan



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Chen Zhonghua May 17, 2020 at 11:41 am

Gao Yuan is one of the head instructors of the Hunyuan Center. He is the a grandson of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. Many social media in China mistake this Ma Baoguo with the Hunyuan Taiji system of Feng Zhiqiang.

Here is a link if you want to know what this is about:


Troy May 18, 2020 at 7:17 am

My apologies for spreading further confusion on this, I have edited my posts on my website and social media. This should clarify that there is no association between your group and Ma Baoguo. Please let me know if there is anything further you would like to add. I’m a fan of the Late GM Feng Zhi Qiang, and it angers me when frauds like this take advantage of such respected persons and their accomplishments.

Be well.

Dr. Troy Schott, D.C.


James Tam May 19, 2020 at 10:49 am

Dr. Troy Schott, you show and practice true Wude. You have my utmost respect. Even a renowned martial artist and knowledge keeper has slid into the mud on this, finding excuses to insist and keep the headline associated with Hunyuan despite admitting that “It (headline) is unfortunate and misleading, I agree.”

“Morality of mind is for the self-cultivation which is required to reach the final goal. The Chinese consider that we have two minds, an “Emotional mind” (Xin) and a “Wisdom mind” (Yi). Usually, when a person fails in something it is because the emotional mind has dominated their thinking. The five elements in the morality of mind are the keys to training, and they lead the student to the stage where the wisdom mind can dominate. This self-cultivation and discipline should be the goal of any martial arts training philosophy.” – Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming (2007)


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