Ni Yuanhai

by admin on 2011/04/09

Mr. Ni Yuanhai is the president of the Zitongshan Martial Arts Academy and head coach. He is also the vice president of the Zibo Martial Arts Association. He is an eleventh generation disciple of Chen Style Taijiquan.

Chen Style Hunyuan Taiji second generation master Ni Yuanhai loved martial arts since childhood. He joined the Chinese army at the age of 18 and started his formal martial art training at the age of 20th. He studied Pufu, Qindi and Praying Mantis. He became a disciple of grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang in 1992.
He established Zitongshan Martial Arts Academy in 1996. His school has won over 300 medals in municipal, provincial and national competitions. The academy won the Shandong Provincial Push Hands championship as a group 5 times. His disciple Qi Yucheng was the 65 kg push hands champion in teh Jiaozuo (Chen Village) competition. His disciple Wang Zhenguo won second place in the 85 kg and above class.
Mr. Ni was a silver medalist in teh 2006 American taijiquan competition. In the 2007 Beijing Hunyuan Taiji International Conference and Competition he was a gold medalist. In 2010 he was the Wudang International Taijiquan Push Hands competition champion.
In May 2010, Mr. Ni won a gold medal with his Hunyuan taiji at the world Kubudo conference. In the exchange event of the conference, he defeated many taiji masters, especially the highest rated Kubudo taiji master. He made China proud.
Mr. Ni has visited Crotia, France, USA, Gernmany and taught taijiquan there. He was named honorary president of the American Chinese Martial Arts Institute and honorary chairman of the European Hunyuan Taiji Association. He made great contributions to the development of Chinese martial arts.

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