Tropical Taiji at Zen Center, San Juan 2009

by daqingshan on 2009/02/25

Master Chen Zhonghua conducted a series of teaching sessions in Puerto Rico on this trip, including a weekend workshop at the Zen center, evening lessons for the San Juan group of Raul Pujol and private lessons. At the Zen Center weekend seminar, Master Chen taught the Hunyuan Qigong system at the beginning. He instructed on all the 12 forms and then gave a step by step detailed instruction of the movements of each form.


Master Chen also gave a brief introduction to the Daoist theories in order to enhance student’s understanding of the lectures. The main portion of the time was devoted to the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method system foundations. Master Chen was assisted by Humberto Pomales (New Jersey) and Raul Pujol in his teachings of the foundational exercises. Master Chen paid a great deal of attention to the positive and negative circles as they are fundamental to the entire Practical Method system. Each action was explained in angles, weight distribution, application and intentions.

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