Jan & Feb 2019 Online Practical Method Classes – Review

by Tinh Thai on 2019/02/28

What a fantastic set of online classes that Kelvin Ho has run! I was challenged in each class to bring myself back to the uncomfortable-ness of our practice.

Also, as many PM students will understand, I had moments during and after these classes where things clicked. Points that Master Chen and other disciples kept saying over my last 3+ years of study finally sank in. Sometimes some things just have to be said directly to me for me to understand it.

The next step is to actually get my body to do it! That was the tricky part, which Kelvin stepped me through move by move during the online class. Having my foundations corrected is changing how I do the Yilu and changed my understanding of the purpose of each move and position.

I completed the four classes between and have so many things to fix and practice (see below for a link to the class notes).

Kelvin’s classes are ongoing so I highly recommend anyone wanting to take their foundations and Yilu to the next level to join in. I am so grateful that Master Chen and his disciples have embraced technology to share PM around the world.

These sessions are wonderful for anyone who:

  • would like fine pointers on foundation and Yilu corrections that may not be possible in a large group class,
  • is not able to conveniently access a PM class,
  • wants to supplement their PM knowledge and skills, and more.

How to prepare for the classes:

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Tinh has been a Chen Taiji Practical Method student since August 2015. She lives in Sydney, Australia and enjoys the challenges and developments that it has brought into her life. You can read more about her story here - http://practicalmethod.com/?p=56397.

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