Gdynia 2016 Practical Method Review

by Tomasz Raganowicz on 2017/01/06

Regular classes

Every Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm, 22 registered students (attendance at least three month), average attendance: about dozen people each class.

Other classes

Three times a month one-hour class in club of Gdynia Housing Cooperative, average attendance: about 10 participants each class.

Gdynia Housing Cooperative group

Company events

Four one-day mini-workshops during company events like family picnics or team away days, attendance: 12-56 participants.

workshop for LPP company team

Workshop with Master Chen Zhonghua

Hosted Master Chen’s workshop on 6/11-12/2016, total attendance: 21 participants from Poland, Finland, Spain, Lithuania, Germany, Great Britain and Austria.

Master Chen’s workshop group

More pictures here.

Meetings with students from other PM groups

Practice with Pavel and Lukas while visiting Prague.

Meeting with Kerstin from Berlin PM group while she visited Gdynia – practice together during regular classes.

Kerstin from Berlin group in Gdynia

Other activities

Made next two movies of series helping students to learn Yilu choreography:

Practical Method Yilu 14-20

Practical Method Yilu 21-30

(whole series here)

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