Phoenix 2016 Practical Method Review

by Ping Wei on 2017/01/03

Regular on-going classes:  Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning for seniors, foundations and yilu. Every Saturday morning for advanced practice, foundations, yilu, cannon fist, sword and push hands.

Irvine workshops: Made three trips to Irvine in 2016 on 3/26, 6/19 and 8/21, covered foundations, yilu, and push hands.

Hosted Master Chen’s workshop on 10/1-3/2016. Total attendance: 22 participants from Arizona, California and Colorado.

Tai Chi intro classes at Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix on 6/3, 10 and 17. Total attendance: 8 students. Intro classes at the garden will also be offer in January and February 2017. Goal: introduce Practical Method to people living and working in downtown area.

Submitted Tai Chi class proposal and was successfully included in Physical Education credit classes at Paradise Valley Community College. One credit PED class will start in January 2017 Spring semester. Projected enrollment will reach 20 students.

Practical Method on the road: Stayed on DQS for a week in May while vacationing in China. While vacationing in Europe, I met up PM groups in Vienna and Prague in October and November.

Wrote articles for Practical Method websites both in Chinese and English. Translated John Brown’s article on Kua to Chinese.


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