Czechia 2016 Taiji Practical Method & Hun Yuan Qi Gong Review

by Pavel Codl on 2017/01/04

Regular on-going classes:  Every Tuesday (Qi Gong, 10 participants) and Wednesday Taiji (Beginners and Advanced) 10+10 participants

Every Sunday evening advanced practice.

Every Tuesday morning  teaching Qi Gong class  for bank employees of Moneta Money bank (former General Electric Money Bank)

Giving private – 3 times per week at minimum, 5 private students total


Taiji Class


Qi Gong class


Made weekend workshop outside Prague (video covered foundations, yilu, and push hands. 9 participants (due to epidemic flu number reduced 40%) from around Czechia and Taiji brother Rick.

TaijiCamp 2016

TaijiCamp 2016


Hosted Master Chen’s private and workshop on 6/18-19/2016. Total attendance: 25 participants from Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Italy, Germany, Austria and Poland.


Master Chen’s workshop Prague

 Tai Chi & Qi Gong intro classes at RawFest Prague (Festival of raw food) on 6/5 and 6/ 2016. Participated second time. Attendance: around 60-70 students total (not possible to count exactly) at four given lessons.


RawFest Prague 2016


RawFest Prague 2016

Made small workshops for Rick as he is based in Vienna, he has come 3 times to Prague.

Rick in Prague

Rick in Prague (Lukas Hrncirik on the right)

Met with Taiji Brother Ping while he visited Prague. Made plans and ideas for closer cooperation with Ping and Rick.

Ping Wei in Prague

Ping Wei in Prague

Invited and participated at dinner for eminent Gong Fu teachers in Czechia. Purpose: get to know closer each other and to discuss possibilities of development and promotion of Chinese martial arts in Central Europe region.


Gong Fu masters and teachers of Czechia


About Pavel Codl

Head instructor for the Czech Republic Branch. |捷克总教练。 Since age of 12 involved in Martial Arts. Ex-Karate Champ of Prague city, since 2001 Taiji Chen jia gou style (Zhu Tiancai), since 2007 Practical Method, since 2010 disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua.

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