Master Chen in Houston, Texas

by Gary Readore on 2016/10/14

20161011_095703Taiji enthusiasts in Houston, Texas were treated to an unexpected treat, a visit from Master Joseph Chen due to a flight layover.  Master Chen’s disciple in Houston, Jeff Clevenger, arranged for a get-together with Master Chen which included breakfast, a training session at a local park followed by lunch at a good BBQ restaurant, before Master Chen had to fly out in the early afternoon.  Although it was short notice and during the work week, five participants showed up to meet and train with Master Chen.
I have been a fan of Master Chen for a while, am a member of his web site and have watched many of his videos.  I learned the Practical Method Yilu form and the various training exercises but had never met Master Chen before.  When Jeff called and told me about the opportunity to meet Master Chen I knew this was something I had to take advantage of.  I found Master Chen very personable and easy to relate to.  His knowledge of taichi is vast and his skill is very impressive.
20161011_110956We began with doing the positive and negative circles with Master Chen correcting us and giving us specific pointers.  We went on to cover many other aspects of the Practical Method body mechanics and structure.  Although it was just a morning session there was a lot of material covered and I learned a lot and it helped me understand much better how I need to proceed with my taichi practice.  The session also answered quite a few questions I had and renewed by commitment to deeper taichi practice and study.  The session was concluded with Master Chen giving each participant a specific analysis and recommendation of what we each need to work on for improvement, I thought this was very “cool” that he would do this for each one of us.
20161011_111018_001Just to be able to work with Master Chen was a special opportunity I will never forget.  His skill is definitely high level, he makes everything seem so easy and effortless while I struggle to apply the principles, but it gives me something to “shoot for”.  Again, a big ‘thank you” is warranted to Jeff Clevenger for thinking about us and setting up this impromptu meeting.

Gary Readore

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Jeffrey Clevenger October 14, 2016 at 12:16 pm

Thanks again everyone for making it on short notice and in the middle of the week. Thank you again Master Chen for letting me know you would be passing through.


Mark Neis October 17, 2017 at 9:59 pm

Jeff Clevenger…

Sir, If you have any available time to chat please call me at 1-346-814-8414

Mark Neis

Houston, Texas


eighttripalm3 October 17, 2016 at 4:32 pm

I like to Thank Jeff, & Gary for inviting me for this special session! I say special because this was very special for me to get a chance to train with Master Chen! Like Gary, I also have been following Master Chen online for about 4 years. I was planning on going to a workshop hopefully in 2017 or 2018 somewhere because this was on my bucket list which was to experience Master Chen training first-hand, so this was great! The training was very helpful & a lot of questions were answered for me. Master Chen was very down to earth, kind, knowledgeable, SKILLFULL, & also funny, so the experience was all that I expected it to be! I can’t wait to train again with Master Chen! Thank you Master Chen!


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