Workshop & training with Master Chen Zhonghua in Berlin

by Berit on 2012/04/14

Hello Taiji – people!

With a few other people, there are also going to the mountain this year, I joined the private training in Berlin. We trained in a very friendly, warm atmosphere and done a lot of push-hands. It was really helpful to learn more about, especially when you have the possibility to do push-hands with very different people. I learned a lot about fundamental principles in Taiji practical method. At the workshop weekend there been a lot more people, the atmosphere also was very happy and relaxed but focused on training and contents. It was a nice mixed up group of students. Beginners, ones they already learned or finished choreography of Yilu and also some of Master Chen Zhonghua disciples. Master Chen Zhonghua explained a lot of principles and how they are represented in Yilu and applications. So you can get a better understanding what Taiji Practical Method means. Some principles that we get more into was -don´t be short;  -there is always a short and a long side;  -every push is a pull- (very fascinating), wedge and lever. Also that it is better not to trust in your own feelings in your body, because feelings are changed every time.

It was great to have this possibility to learn and practice so much with the direct input of Master Chen Zhonghua. For me the way how Master Chen Zhonghua teaches is very plain and effective. I like this direct, straight and clear way of teaching. It’s just about following the principles the best I can. Five great days of intensive training with a lot of input and instructions by Master Chen Zhonghua are over now. I met a lot very nice and friendly people in the training and learned so much in this few days. So now I’m looking forward to my trip to the mountain this summer, much more joyful than before!

Greetings to everybody and especially to those who joined the training! It was nice to meet you! P.S. Im Berit from the Taiji- Class in Berlin. Now I´m practising Taiji Practical Method since march 2011.

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