Daqingshan 2012 reflection

by Wilkin Ng on 2012/09/05

I heard that Master Chen has left the mountain to begin his journey home, stopping over Vancouver for a workshop.Lucky for the fulltime students there since Master Chen extended his stay by a few weeks to oversee the site development. As it has been posted here and in facebook group, Daqingshan is expanding its training facility as it become the center of taiji training for Wulian county.

This year I was there from May to end of July, it is hard to maintain a consistent practice since I came back.

On the mountain, there is no normal life distraction. There is only practice sessions in clean mountain air starting at 5:30am. I was doing at least three sessions every day so I build up lots of momentum and felt some changes in my body.

I have come to realize some of Master Chen teaching that I heard before from videos or previous workshop. I find the words make sense only when the body is ready. So the opportunity for being in a place where training can happen a lot every day is really beneificial. I hope to go there again next year to see the new Taiji square and meet new fellow students.

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