The 2 Chen Taiji Combat Principles

by Rion Swanson on 2012/01/15

1. “To occupy strategic position you  must fight for the meridian”.

2. “To produce the element of surprise, you must turn over the joint”.

Notes for 1.) At the very beginning, ‘meridian’ means energy alignment (structure). You must interrupt the structure in your opponent. With more and more training you will be able to more easily see the alignment or dot. Once you start seeing it, interrupt it in your opponent and of course maintain it in yourself.

Notes for 2.) Reverse the structure to overcome the opponent. Break the pattern of your movement (your reaction based on the attack of opponent). In the beginning, what do you do? Follow the instructions of the teacher. Example: Foot must be “over the centre gate”.

(from Jan. 14-15 Edmonton workshop notes)



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