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-No move, only rotate

-Rotation –> power

-Friction (feet) eventually on the opponent

-Action and Attachment

-Movement without movement

-move –> you become dead (like a top spinning, then starting to wobble, then falling over)

-Stretch –> life Read more

June 20, 2014 (?)

I’m not entirely sure if the date for these notes is correct. I believe they were from an evening class, but they may have been from a workshop. I should have posted these right away, but better late than never I suppose. Read more

1. “To occupy strategic position you  must fight for the meridian”. Read more

Below are all the notes I took during this workshop, although they do not cover every day. Thank you so very much Master Chen and Allan, as well as everyone who attended. It was another excellent workshop, and was great to meet Ronnie, Charles, Lee, Drew, and Carlos. Read more

Thank you so much Master Chen and Allan for your time and patient, dedicated teaching over the last two days.

Of the scheduled full week seminar, I was able to attend just the final two days and they were excellent. We worked on foundations with an extra amount of stepping practice. Along with this were Yilu corrections. So much to work on, and really it boils down to how much time  is put in practicing the given corrections…

Thank you again!

Below are my notes from all the remaining days of the seminar:

lower body = earth Read more


-Talking about stretching to attain proper structure: Chemicals/toxins deposit in your ‘corners’. Eliminate all corners/creases and create the arch. No power. Structure! Read more

July 26, 27. Cannon Fist Workshop.

Thank you Master Chen and Allan for your time and excellent teaching so far. The first two days have been great! Read more

Rion Swanson

Thank you again Master Chen and Allan for your time, energy, and patience this weekend at the seminar! It was excellent as always.
Below are a few brief notes. These are but a few key points and are as I remember so therefore may need correction! Read more