What I think I need to remember doing Yilu

by Dina Kerr on 2010/12/24

(rough notes)

Hands rotate like holding a stick.  Imagine holding opponent’s arm is a stick, then pull elbow in like pulling a stick with opponent on the end of it. Hands come in under or over stick, come out opposite.  Work stick not body hold Opponents arm like a stick.  Move with ft, never hand,  wrist strait.  Upper body rotates, lower gains space, moves forward;  Step no reach;  Body in quarters that move independently;  C pivot;  Top moves lower still vica versa, and etc.; Before you power move in, on power nil else moves;  Hands move out but elbow in first;  Don’t move hand first half of move, second push out stretch to fingers at end.  Lock parts, hands still, move hands at end.  Relax to expand.  Lock to use power.  All moves to back ft; 3 parts to all moves.

Limits in all turns.  Sink by stretching. Reach, grab, use opponent to pull yourself up, anchor, push.  Elbow in hand stays.  Stretch C finger against head, power on finger not arm;   Stay on line, to sink, drop Cua, or an upper quarter of your body. When back hand pushes front hand is locked.  Don’t lean forward in push.  Actual power moves from back half of body  stopped by front, powerful like hitting a wall.  All moves are powered by body, foot, cua not hands. Be big in every move, stretch it.  Shoulder, elbow, hand touches imaginary wall sequentially.  Open, place, open.  Don’t move if not on line. Keep center still, energy in waist, core cant become the move, Cua moves;  Body remains, energy comes out.  Energy radiates out with hands.   Center of body sends signals.  Head manages, watches, is not part of action. Center still, waist is not part of hand etc;

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tf December 24, 2010 at 8:59 pm


Thank you for the notes. It is a helpful note as I have to train my body to move Taiji ways. By the way, what is “C” as in “C pivot; Top moves lower still vica versa … ” or “Stretch C finger against head, power …”

Thank you


Dina December 25, 2010 at 8:50 am

Sorry. C means Center. I used to do shorthand. dina


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