Dina Kerr

Maple Ridge Workshop With Chen Zhonghua October15/16, 2016

It was windy and raining in Maple Ridge last weekend, but in our cozy hall, Master Chen was telling us once again what he has been telling us for sixteen years: elbow in, hand out, move one thing at a time, observe your opponent, where his energy is located, see his lines.

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Push head into cua to get into correct cua so you can lift foot.  Toes pull you.  Read more

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Originally written by: Dina Kerr

After 7 years of Maple Ridge workshops once a month, it never gets old. Each workshop is new and exciting. Its like meeting my family, brothers and sisters that I haven not seen for a while. There is joking and laughter intermingled with pushing and shoving, then in comes Daddy Chen, we must behave now. Read more

Taiji in Langley i

by Dina Kerr on 2005/09/06

It makes sense.  The circle is the strongest form possible.  Connecting circles using interlocking gears means the coordination of parts in order to support and connect the structure.  Master Chen gives us yet another analogy of structure.  Imagine holding a rock away from your body with a straight arm.  It requires muscles and strength and this eventually weakens.  Read more