Mind intent can be pivot point

by Dina Kerr on 2010/12/27

Push head into cua to get into correct cua so you can lift foot.  Toes pull you.  Shoulder straight, do not move it, it could rotate; Elbow in cua pulls down, head up, push down to start a move, waist turns hand does not flip, shoulders down;  Move, power at end, come back to elbow, wrist hold.  Kick not powered but snap at end (to knee of Opponent).   Pull Center back at end, always come back. Punch hits at end, spin on line then hit Vertical.  Body turns on finger.  In every move feet solid, establish one still part.  Put another part on that line; Stretch is strength, power  2 parts bottom, 1 part top.  Push floor with toes;  Outside soft inside strong, feet do all moves, no sinks just stretches. All energy thru Dantien don’t move it, not up, not down only turn.  Every part of body comes in on bottom of stick, out on top of it (turnover), we must do that.  Shoulder, head etc all have over and under on line.  In on one side of wrist, out on other.  See triangles, need 3 points that do not move but stretch.  Connect rod hands to toe, shoulder to toe, etc.  Toes, heels pull  relaxed, rhythmic, sudden power connected, reluctant hand, pick up energy in every move, top bottom different timing, Left and right also.

Remove from details when doing form.  Open is weight using cua, Opponent has weight on your arm.  Stretches at end separated, softer hands.  Hands come back to body, be soft, harden only to strike.  Punch,  elbow in, find 45 strait line body.  Touch, grab, pull back, don’t move, first hand on pull.  Get close, swing tummy back from hand.  Place, set, act in each move.  Elbow into line is part of act. Turn opens a line, fingers, hand can’t go off it, elbow can go into line to break.  When you move hand see line. Watch, see what breaks line.  See line in Opponent’s structure, break it. Hands touch is dot, shoulder, elbow, cua breaks line, hand stays on it.  Stretch against 2 hands is strait line, break.  Make stick of opponent.  No circling.  If fists out, chest breaks line.  Chest and hands don’t move same time.  More sink needed, hands still,  body under, shoulder on cua.  Touch, turn cua and belly.  When fists go fwd all else goes back.  Hands, rod to feet, do it connected.  Lock and spin in each move.   Don’t move shoulder, elbow in,  no real moves, move is a drag on hand, only mid section of every move moves.  Place hands and feet then only Center or Cua moves, only one, place, power.  One thing forward, all else moves back into a line.

In Push Hands and Yilu line up, move joint behind it.  If you move everything behind touch, it rotates joint.   Move hand at end.  Stretch, open underarm, don’t turn w body, split.  Keep firm frame, stick on move.  Head up shoulder down.  Lock Horizontal, push yourself down.  Power on front elbow out to finger; Rear foot to finger.  Palms down opens everything.  Stretch, pivot front, stretch, pivot rear.  Sink energy to ground, back hip or ft;  have Opponent’s  wrist with 2 fingers, rotate a bit, pull with back ft towards you. At end of move add more, or go right in line, change speed.  Inside opens to have line.  Lock shoulder, drop energy into Cua. Cut all 9 corners.  Elbows come in, rotate, then hands go out. Top no muscle.  All else is sequential rotation;  Stretch, open underarm, split.  Keep firm frame in body on move.  Solid bottom switches without opponent sensing.   Upper body rotates, lower gains space. Move stick to either side.  Body all divided moves as one piece. Separate upper, lower  by one move one still.  Top moves lower still.  Before powering all moves in (towards you?).  On power nil moves.  Circle down around touched part, thumb maintains it.  Resistance in all moves.  Imagine O on wrist elbow, rotate elbow from body. Every move fight your way out. See space (where O is). Go around him.  Move 1. hold O forearm,  Curl around him not into him or push or sideways.  To lift arm up, or push with your leg ok

Power to hand at end of each move (rock), else loose stretch.  On hard hit like rock on rope. Rhythm 1234 12 12 or whatever but must exist.

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