Focus your energy into one point!

by admin on 2010/03/10

Wednesday night class. It’s good to see Rion in class tonight. I have not been to this class for a long time. Allan has been doing a great job teaching this class!
After they finished the foundations with the last move being the mobile version of “Wild Horse Parts Its Mane”, I gathered the classes and showed students a few tips:

  1. Movements must have a focus. This can be a push or a pull. In any case, energy must be focus to point to one single point. In drills, we focus the energy to the tip of the middle finger. In both positive and negative circles, we push out through the middle finger and pull back in through the middle finger. Demonstrated this on everybody especially Rion.
  2. Did the circles by holding a stick that is on the U-shaped support of on a tripod. When pulling and pushing the stick, it must go through the U. This way, energy is contained in a line. By using a stick to do positive and negative circles, the hand does not “toss” any more.
  3. Used a long staff to demonstrate and pulling and pushing and the hand. I used to teach using the long staff as learning aid more than ten years ago. This reminds me of the Tuan, Nghia, Linda and Susan days!

Excellent class.

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