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by webmaster3 on 1999/12/07

At the end of March, I attended a Chen Family Taijiquan Weekend seminar that lasted two days. The seminar was conducted by Master Chen Zhonghua. Master Chen is full of energy with eyes beaming with spirit.

With just one glance you can tell that he is a man with a strong martial art foundation. At a young age, master Chen studied external martial arts. Later on in his life he received the unusual training from modern day Chen Style Taijiquan grandmaster Hong Junsheng. His martial ability improved rapidly. After that, he was taught by grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang in his Taijiquan training. This furthered his taijiquan career. Furthermore, Hong was an indoor disciple of grandmaster Chen Fake. Master Chen has been teaching Chen Style Taijiquan in Edmonton for many years. He has produced many disciples all over.

During the first day, Master Chen explained the characteristics of taijiquan and demonstrated the forms. One must pay attention to the following points:

  1. movements must be twining, curved and continuous;

  2. the waist must be in control and the torso moves the waist.

  3. all movements must be coordinated, symmetrical, and round and agile.

  4. hardness must be supplemented by softness with clear rhythms.

  5. movements must be clear and techniques precise.

  6. movements and breathing must be well coordinated.

Every movement in Taijiquan must be a spiral reeling. Movements can only be curves that start from the inside and move to the outer body. Every move that master demonstrated showed the long years of power behind him. His demonstration enlightened us on the silk reeling energy, on hardness and softness, on the interchange of fast and slow and of the continuity.

The second day was spent on Hunyuan Qigong and the theory of push hands. The 12 movements of Hunyuan Qigong can enhance health and promote internal energy. If trained to a considerable level, the mind and qi will follow each other. When the mind intent is there, the qi will be there. This is yet another stage of the taijiquan cultivation. It cannot be described with words! Master Chen’s push hands is even more magical. Simple technique will produce practical value in his hands. This is not a simple feast to achieve!

Two days ended like this quickly. At the time before we went our own ways and when everyone was still savoring the lessons learned, we agreed to attend another workshop. The next one is scheduled for May 16, 17 and 18, for a total of 3 days. The first two days will be on forms and push hands. The last day will be on Qigong. For details please contact James at 613-834-6778 or 613-998-2764.

by Muzi of Ottawa, Canada

The original was in the Section Eight of the April 15, 1999 edition of the Ottawa “Overseas Chinese Times”.

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