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19th generation master of Chen Style Taijiquan under grandmaster Hong Junsheng.
2nd generation master of Hunyuantaiji under grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang.

Chen Zhonghua, also known as Dongliang, was born in 1961 in the city of Weifang, Shandong province. He is a well-known lineage holder of Chen Style Taijiquan. In his youth, he studied Sitongchui, Baji, Chaquan, etc. In 1979, he entered the Foreign Languages Department of the Shandong University. Consequently he studied Chen Style Taijiquan at the Black Tiger Springs Park in Jinan from Grandmaster Hong Junsheng, 18th generation master of Chen Style Taijiquan. At the introduction of Master Li Enjiu, 19th generation master of Chen Style Taijiquan and president of the Jinan Martial Arts Academy, he became a disciple of Grandmaster Hong Junsheng. In 1998, through the introduction of Mr. Liu He and Professor Feng Xiufang, he became a disciple of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang, 18th generation master of Chen Style Taijiquan and founder of the Hunyuan Taiji System. On June 18, 2004, Hong Junsheng family and disciples officially selected him as the “international standard bearer of the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method System.”

Mr. Chen Zhonghua has been a serious learner of martial arts since his childhood. Throughout his life, he kept up with his pursuit. Besides learning from his two masters, he also has the mind set of ignoring shame and learn from whoever has the knowledge. This lead to his learning from other senior follow disciples of his, including Li Enjiu, Feng Xiufang, Feng Xiuqian, Xu Guicheng, Han Baoli, and Chen Xiang, to name a few.

In 1985 he went to Canada to teach Taijiquan, thus starting his promotions of Chen Style Taijiquan abroad. To date, Chen Laoshi has students and disciples all over the world including China, Canada and the USA. He was once a member of the Shandong University Martial Arts Association, member of the Regina Taijiquan Association, Director of the Taoist Martial Arts Association of Saskatchewan, director of the Canadian United Guoshu Federation and a member of the Canadian Taijiquan Federation.

His students and disciples earned 16 gold medals in many of the Jinan International Martial Arts Festivals. Ronnie Yee received gold medal at the Canadian National Martial Arts Competition. Susan Holland won gold medals in Chen Style Taijiquan Form and Broadsword competitions and a silver in push hands. Li Lu won gold medal in Chen Style Taijiquan forms competition and silver in push hands at the Chinese National Taijiquan Competition. Kee Hong was vice chairman of the Canadian Taijiquan Federation. Mr. Chen is currently the president of the international Hunyuantaiji Academy; which has 16 branch schools in Canada and in the USA.

With the knowledge of Chen Style Taijiquan of two of the 18th generation grand master in him and over 20 years of learning and practicing, Mr. Chen Zhonghua has a unique understanding of the rich contents of the forms, internal energy, theory and application. His understanding doe not fall under the conventional view. He has produced many works of writing and video such as “the Way of Hunyuan”, “The Circles of Taijiquan”, and “Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method First Routine DVD”.

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